1. Hand-Grooving with Middle Eastern Rhythms- a musical experience that mesmerizes participants with its captivating drumming that blends styles from Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and the Middle East, into an intricate polyrhythmic exploration of the power of group drumming. They will learn about ancient rhythms and melodies that still influencing the music in our today's modern concert halls.  Handgrooving creates a vibrant musical experience as the participants learn to use their hands to strike, tap, snap, and rub sound from their instruments, while accompanied by Yoel Ben-Simhon with an ancient principle string instrument- the oud, and his captivating singing.

The instruments Yoel Ben-Simhon use for Handgrooving are: darbuka- goblet drum, tar/bendir- frame drum from North Africa, fish-skinned riqq- tambourine from Egypt, and large, hoop shaped bodhran from Ireland, to name a few.  Participants don¹t need to have previous music skills to join this workshop. The goal of this musical journey will be to learn few amazing Middle Eastern rhythms combined with Middle Eastern songs and  to perform them in a final concert.

2. Jewish-Arab ancient hymns- students will learn to sing songs, over 1000 years old! from all over the Middle East, Levant and North-Africa regions, learn to clap the rhythms and play instruments.

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