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"Now, with the Sultana Ensemble, Yoel Ben-Simhon comes full circle, with a deeply personal album that was a lifetime in the making. Leading a multinational all-star squad of musicians, Ben-Simhon has composed a rich and satisfying listening experience that draws together the many divergent strands of his experience."
Tom Pryor, Global Rhythm Magazine, December 2003

Produced by Yoel Ben-Simhon
Associate Producer: Nili Belkind

Songs List:
1. Berber Blues (MP3)
2. Qasidat Essaouira (MP3)
3. Dabka (MP3)
4. Forgiveness Hymns
5. Fantasia
6. Sultana (MP3)
7. Mimouna
8. Yigdal (MP3)
9. Elevation
10. Eastern Winds
11. Lord of Pardons
12. Desert Morning (MP3)

Yoel Ben-Simhon - vocals, oud, acoustic guitar;
Hernan Jay Rodriguez - flutes, saxophones, clarinet;
Rachid Halihal - violin;
Hicham Chami - qanun;
Emmanuel Mann - bass;
Yousif Sheronick - darbuka, frame drum, drum-set, cajon;
Tomer Tzur - darbuka, riqq, caxixi

And special guest artists:
Smadar Levi - backup vocals, George Mordecai - Iraqi cantor; Bridget Robbins - nay; Carlos Revollar -flamenco guitar; Gisele Revollar - castanets, Shai Bachar - piano; Ramzi Edlibi - dabka dancer; Lucy Morganstern - violin; Leanne Darling - viola; Eugene Carr - cello


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