Yoel composes original musical scores for features and documentary films, as well as for theater productions. In his work Yoel had demonstrated a unique talent transcribing ideas into musical notations. As a composer Yoel is particularly versatile and has the ability to work with many different musical genres. Specifically he has the skill to integrate in his work unique Middle Eastern motifs as well as classical western elements. While utilizing synthesizers and samplers as well as live instruments, he captures the emotions and strength of sounds that are traditionally produced by a live orchestra – but at far less cost. Yoel works closely with film and theater directors and producers to create music that would most powerfully convey and complement their work.

He brings to his work over 13 years of education in Classical, Jazz and Arabic music and over 10 years of experience writing scores with microtonal modes for rare instruments such as the oud (Arabic lute), nai (Arabic cane flute), qanun (Arabic zither), darbuka (Arabic hand drum). Yoel offers outstanding technical skills in music recording programs such as Pro–Tools and Digital Performer. His knowledge of music, technical expertise, and recording equipment enables him to produce a diverse array of sound tracks.

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