"Yoel Ben–Simhon’s music is not only highly accomplished, fascinating, and compelling, but also evocative of extra–musical images and ideas, and therefore perfectly suited to the cinematic medium. He is also a very congenial person of great integrity who will contribute a positive human dimension to any program."

Paul Moravec
Composer and head of the music department at Adelphi University

"Yoel is a well established composer. His capability to compose in many musical styles, but maintain his strong originality is very impressing. Yoel has the artistic touch of a performer, combined with vast musical education. He also possessed strong dramatic understanding and the know how when it comes to working with picture. Yoel's musical achievements with his band, and the musical scores for the films he composed is exceptional."

Inon Zur
Film composer for
Disney and Fox Entertainment

"Yoel has created an art–work of genuine aesthetic achievement, a synthesis of art and ritual, and a work which transcends and integrates cultural distinctions. The liveliness, commitment, and accomplishment of his music testify to its life as a vital composer. His compositions show such a considerable breadth of artistic imagination, variety, and balance. On the CD he produced for the Ladino group ‘Sarah Aroeste’, Yoel demonstrated great talent for orchestration, harmony and tone color."

Doctor Avi Eilam Amzalag
Conductor and founder of The Israeli Andalusian Orchestra
Professor of music at Haifa University, Israel


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